HMC1110 GaAs MMIC X6 Active Frequency Multiplier, 71-86 GHz

Product Details

The HMC1110 is a ×6 active broadband frequency multiplier chip utilizing GaAs pHEMT technology. When driven by a +4 dBm signal, the multiplier provides +13 dBm typical output power from 71 to 86 GHz. The 5Fo and 7Fo harmonic isolations with respect to the output signal level are +25 dBc and +40dBc respectively. The HMC1110 is ideal for use in LO multiplier chains for Pt-to-Pt & VSAT Radios yielding reduced parts count by integrating input and output amplifiers vs. traditional approach which uses discrete components. All data is taken with the chip connected via two 0.025mm (1 mil) wire bonds of minimal length 0.31 mm (12 mils).


  • Point-to-Point & VSAT Radios
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Military & Space
  • Sensors

Features and Benefits

  • High Output Power: +13 dBm
  • Low Input Power Drive:
    0 to +6 dBm
  • 5Fo Harmonic Isolation: +25 dBc
  • 7Fo Harmonic Isolation:
    +40 dBc
  • Die Size: 2.44 × 1.35 × 0.1 mm